Open Days @ Tubbercurry Golf Club...

All Bank Holiday Weekends are Open in Tubbercurry Golf Club

We are pleased to welcome you to Play at Tubbercurry Golf Club, one of the most magical clubs in the area. Everyone is welcome. Men, Ladies Juniors they always seem to have a great time. Mark it on your calendar for a visit and we'll show what a great course this is.

Can you play in a Tubbercurry Golf Club Open?

Definition: An "open" golf tournament is one in which participation is not limited only to golfers who have been invited or only to those who have gained entry through some pre-set list of qualifications.

An "open" is distiguished from an "invitational" thusly: The Tubbercurry Golf Club Invitational would only be open to members of the Tubbercurry Golf Club; however, the Tubbercurry Golf Club Open would be open to any golfer in the community who wanted to participate.